Welcome to HSWorx, the enterprise patient management technology system exclusively designed and available only for HealthSource® Franchises.

HSWorx is an enterprise system designed with state-of-the-art technology to handle the fast growing HealthSource®needs.   HSWorx currently services over 300 HealthSource®offices, 1,000 team members, 350,000 patients, and over a million annual transactions.

HSWorx is a hosted application meaning that you securely access it over the Internet.    You have secure HIPAA access to your data from any Internet connection including your iPad, Android Tablet, or Smart Phone.

And most importantly, HSWorx has been designed to meet the specific needs - of HealthSource® franchises following the care, financial, and management practices that you will learn.   HSWorx includes every function necessary to manage your HealthSource® franchise from Patient Documentation to Electronic Billing and Marketing.   HSWorx is the most complete system anywhere...